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Divine Alignment



A fellowship of consecrated believers and covenant partners with the godly purpose of exposing lies spoken to the church, aligning and equipping the saints for kingdom work; moreover, fulfilling the word of God in a global comprehensive Holy Ghost led doctrine.

In the month of May 2019,

the global spiritual vision was birthed.

There was a releasing out of my spirit:

Divine Alignment Global Ministries

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

to release delegated (Exousia) authority 

to re-align the body of Christ, 

according to Ephesians 4:11-13, 

empowering the five-fold gifting

with revelatory truths; exposing the

lingering lies that have been spoken to

the body of Christ.


The leadership that operates in this

delegated authority will activate the

perfecting of the saints, the confirmation

of the body of Christ, the oneness of the faith;

imparting knowledge of the will and

blessings of God. We were once misaligned,

yet we refuse to remain so, as we now

 walk in the Divine Alignment of Christ

by the (Dunamis) power of the Holy Ghost,

operating in true Godly spiritual maturity!


I seal this vision with this proclamation:

We are confident of this very thing, 

that He which has begun a good work in us,

will perform it, until the day of Jesus Christ,

our Lord!


Chief Apostle Harold Henderson

Divine Alignment Logo.png

The Vision

Align Yourself With:

•Intentional Mentorship in a relational Setting

•Strategic Apostolic 





•Assistance in Creating, Handling and Nurturing Divinely Appointed Relationships

•Partnership in Prayer

•Extensive Leadership Building Strategies

•Kingdom  Building Relational Methods

•Deliverance Guidance

•Healing Ministry Application, and more.

Divine Alignment within your church body, leadership and shepherding is absolutely necessary to effect Kingdom building.

Divine Alignment Convocation 2019

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