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Our Leaders


ChiefApostle Harold Henderson


Prophetess Phyllis Henderson

Vision of the Ministry


In the month of May 2003,

The spiritual vision was birthed.

I released out of my spirit

“The Living Word Church”.


The Spirit of The Lord is upon me;

To proclaim the revelation of who Jesus Christ is

to us and through us.

To expose the lies that have been spoken to

the body of Christ in times past.

To proclaim the liberty we profess in Christ Jesus

and equip God’s people with a revelating Word of truth

that we may operate in the full power of the Holy Ghost.

In the end times, the Lord shall do great exploits

in His glorious name,

in us and through us. 

May the Lord bless you and continue to prosper you

for hearing the call of God

by being a part of this vision.


   Chief Apostle H.R. Henderson

Why the

Sons of Issachar?

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